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This is the reservation request form. Reservation is finalized when you receive the "reservation completion e-mail". Please enter information in English.


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This is the reservation request form.
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Terms of Service

OLIVE SPA is a relaxation salon and does not provide any service for medical purposes. Utilization of our services for therapeutic purposes is not acceptable.

If the therapist determines during the treatment that the procedure cannot be continued, the treatment may be discontinued immediately and you may be asked to leave. Please note that you may also be prevented from using any services after such an incident. No refunds will be issued in such a case.

OLIVE SPA and other related parties will not be liable or compensate for any thefts or losses within our facilities.

OLIVE SPA strives to ensure safety management. However, in the event of an accident, low temperature burns, skin irritation, or muscle pain in reaction to excessive massaging, OLIVE SPA or other related parties are not liable for any compensation.

If you will be late for your appointment, please contact the branch where you made your appointment beforehand. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate you depending on the status of other clients' appointments. If you are going to use a campaign or complimentary ticket, please be sure to inform us when scheduling your appointment. Once treatment starts, we cannot accept changes in menus and prices.

Sexual harassment (inappropriate remarks, touching therapist's body, and other acts that violate public order and morality) is prohibited by law; if such acts are observed, we will immediately discontinue service, ask violators to leave the branch, and prohibit further use of our services. Please note that no refunds will be issued in such a case.

You will be asked to confirm if the treatment pressure is appropriate each time, in order to allow us to provide treatment that is tailored to your preferences. OLIVE SPA is not liable for any compensation in the event of any physical issues caused by treatment using pressure in accordance with your request.

If we observe any other activities that are not appropriate or may cause discomfort to other customers in the course of use of our services, we may request violators to leave. Please note that violators may be prohibited from further use of our services. No refunds will be issued in such a case

Are you seriously injured, sick, or pregnant? For pregnant women, we offer maternity massage at VIP SPA. Please kindly confirm the Consent Form

This is the reservation request form. We will send a response to your e-mail address within one or two business days. Reservation is considered finalized when you receive the "reservation completion e-mail." Customers in a hurry are asked to contact the branch directly.